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ASSENT STEEL INDUSTRIES L.L.C, is a member of ASGC Group, and is based in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2008, ASSENT STEEL INDUSTRIES is the leading steel fabrication and engineering services company, trusted in delivering high quality steel structures.

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A leading Steel Company, we provide our clients with a diverse portfolio of steel construction, steel engineering, steel fabrication and installation services, including roof and wall cladding.

Steel Engineering

The engineering section employs a team of design and detailing engineers equipped with the latest and most advanced software for both of these disciplines...

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Steel fabrication & Painting

In one of Middle East’s largest steel fabrication facilities, with over 220,000 Sq. m. of plot area including 100,000 Sq. m. of fully covered and insulated area, we can produce...

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Steel Installation

ASSENT STEEL INDUSTRIES L.L.C provides a complete, integrated solution for customers including erection and construction services. We employ highly qualified...

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ASSENT STEEL INDUSTRIES L.L.C is a 'One-Stop Shop' steel company based in Dubai,
providing clients with a full range of high-quality steel engineered and fabricated products, delivered globally.


ASSENT STEEL INDUSTRIES L.L.C provides top-of-the-line structural steel fabrication services. ASSENT STEEL INDUSTRIES works with the best designers and engineers to ensure that all projects meet high standards.

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The components of a Pre-engineered building (PEB) are manufactured at our plant according to the carefully engineered design which is in accordance with the client’s...

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Cladding & Decking

Roll forming is a continuous process for forming sheet, strip or coiled metal stock into long shapes of essentially uniform cross-section. The material is fed through multiple...

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ASSENT STEEL INDUSTRIES L.L.C is a world-class steel supplier company for
various landmark and complex Steel Construction projects in the GCC, Southeast Asia and Africa